Longview School District

Longview Schools district is one among leadership and innovation. We do not follow the trends in education, we set them.

Longview ISD is home to 8,400 students and 1,400 staff members, with our richly diverse student population from East Texas homes reflecting our wonderful city and therefore the East Texas area generally . But our academic offerings are even as diverse as our people, including everything from magnet public school STEAM campuses to project-based learning.

For our youngest students we recently built a $31-million state-of-the-art campus that houses the most important public Montessori program within the us . This year our Montessori program is expanding into the Ware Elementary campus, where it’s expected to grow into the East Texas Montessori Academy for grades 1st through 5th. this is often an elite, Montessori-style education freed from charge to the whole community.

Our district is one among the few school within the us that gives the esteemed International Baccalaureate Programme, with an increasing number of National Merit and GLOBE scholars. We lead East Texas in state TEA distinctions and dual-credit college hours earned, and every year we graduate more students to more prestigious universities than the other district within the region.

We are one among the most important employers within the city of Longview, and our staffers are among the highest-paid public school educators within the area. In July 2018 our Board of Trustees approved a 3 percent raise and step increase for teachers, which makes quite ten-straight years such a measure has been passed. Our district also offers the LIFT bonus fund for high-achieving teachers and campuses.

But that’s not all! Here’s an inventory of just a few of the foremost recent accomplishments:

• LISD schools earned 40 total distinctions on state accountability ratings, a rise from 34 earned last year, and therefore the highest within the region.
• annually many out-of-district students transfer INTO into Longview Independent administrative district , citing “education opportunities” as their reason.
• International Baccalaureate project partners with “We Help Two” and sells “funky socks” to assist supply legs and feet to amputees everywhere the planet .
• fresh partnership for innovation with East Texas Advanced Academies which can bring new funding and concepts to public education.
• Three campuses with national STEM certifications (Judson STEAM Academy, Bramlette STEAM Academy, and Ned E. Williams).
• Largest FREE public Montessori school (for 3-to-5 year-olds) within the Nation. Provided freed from charge to Longview area children.
• Partnership with Longview Chamber of Commerce to assist foster community partnerships and mentors for Ware students.
• Went totally ‘green’ on all building projects leading to a $200,000 award from SWEPCO for energy conservation
• Graduates matriculating to EMT, Cosmetology, welding, Culinary Arts, Meat and Butchering programs nationally.
• Eight-week Montessori training for other districts in Texas hosted by East Texas Montessori Prep Academy
• Award-winning Theater Arts program with a director who has been with the district for quite 50 years.
• Raising Highly Capable Kids parenting class in partnership with Longview Chamber of Commerce.
• Horticulture Program harvests own bee hives to sell honey, wax, and wax products at FFA shows.
• LIFT program annually paying out on the brink of $1 million in staff bonuses for improved testing scores.
• Hosted Adjunct Fair for SFA to assist employ Adjunct staff in Longview and thru Longview ISD.
• Purchased multiple pieces of strategic land , without increased debt, for future expansion.
• “Playing for Keeps” childcare program for college kids with children, also as LISD staffers.
• May 2019 hosted first LHS CTE Signing Day for college kids getting to college or workforce.
• quite 100 teachers earned Project Based Learning certifications in Spring 2019.
• Multiple graduates with offers to Ivy League and other prestigious universities.
• Lobo University to assist prepare students and fogeys for all times after highschool .
• 36 students graduate with Associates Degrees (50 projected in school of 2020).
• Longview ISD secondary school students earn “Duke Scholar” honors per annum
• LISD farm-to-table program, partnering with local farmers for cafeteria produce.
• Award-winning elementary, secondary school , and highschool choir programs
• Perfect scores on PSAT as middle schoolers from Foster secondary school .
• Only free public K-12 International Baccalaureate program within the world.
• Fall 2018 LHS donated quite 400 coats to KLTV’s Coats for teenagers .
• Summer backpack program to form sure kids get fed year-round.
• Signing Santa to assist deaf ed students communicate with “Santa.”
• Culinary Arts CTE student-led catering program began Fall 2018.
• Only International Baccalaureate program east of Interstate 45.
• quite 500 LHS students were taking dual-credit last year.
• 116 incoming Freshman applying for dual credit courses.
• State and National Technical Student Association winners.
• Orchestra offered at elementary, middle and highschool .
• Named 2018 board of education of the Year from Region VIII.
• quite 30 teachers with national STEM certifications.
• Wall of Honor honors Veteran alumni and their families.
• LHS music students annually perform at Carnegie Hall.
• Privatized custodial services to save lots of taxpayer dollars.
• Gold Standard Award yearly for financial transparency.
• but 2 percent dropout rate at Longview High.
• Class of 2019 earned $8.5 million in scholarships.
• 236 unduplicated seniors with dual credit hours.
• Over 6500 hours of school by 2019 graduates.
• 6,531 semester credit hours for dual credit.
• Award-winning highschool art program.
• 2018 UIL Academic District Champions.
• Class 6A State Football Champion.
• 2,601 Workforce hours earned.
• National Welding Champions.

Longview ISD believes in excellence for all, one child at a time! we’ve a high specialise in academic achievement, also as building partnerships with our community. We are truly working to supply a top quality education which serves all students within the Longview area.

The district website provides the foremost current information for our district.

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